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Join the Climate Movement: Become a CCAN Action Member

Here at CCAN, we take on big fights and don’t back down. We banned fracking in Maryland, shifted our entire region on a pathway to 100% clean energy, and have successfully halted major fossil fuel infrastructure projects. But we realize that the climate and political landscape is rapidly changing. Which is why we launched a new membership program that we want you to be a part of.

This membership program focuses on investing in new grassroots leaders, deepening community ties, and creating more specific opportunities to engage with our Action Members.

What Action Membership benefits will be available to you? As an Action Member, you’ll have the opportunity to provide input and support to our climate campaigns. We’ll unlock access to activist conference calls and trainings, and you’ll have the opportunity to join one of our local action teams. You’ll also get invites to community-building events like hikes and lunches.  

Protesters holding sign: Climate Justice is Racial Justice Climate activists painting a banner: Water Is LifeAction Members volunteering in the woods

Why become an Action Member?

Now that the most historic climate legislation ever has passed Congress, there’s a lot to do to bring the benefits of this policy nationwide. At the same time, we’re pushing on the state level to electrify buildings with renewable energy, protect our coastal communities, and revolutionize public transportation. Our core theory of change remains: we need to bring powerful solutions backed by real people power to those who can enact those solutions. 

When you join as an Action Member, you’re not only supporting our work, you’re also with us when it matters most. Because even if you’re unable to volunteer, we’re still able to take you with us as we meet with leaders. When we say we have 60,000 supporters, that gets their attention.

Here’s what our current Action Members have to say:

“I joined CCAN because I’m afraid. Afraid for my son’s future and the future of young people around the world. CCAN does the hard, behind-the-scenes work to pass climate justice laws in Maryland, where I live. As a CCAN Action Member, I enjoy volunteering on campaigns that will steer Maryland, and the nation, toward a livable future of clean, renewable energy, new careers, and healthy communities.” — CCAN Member, Rob

Join the Climate Movement. Become a CCAN Action Member today.