The answer is yes! So consider eating a more climate-friendly diet.

With climate change rapidly accelerating, we need to do all we can to fight back on all fronts. That means emailing our elected officials and showing up for rallies and driving hybrid cars. But it also means changing the way we eat.

Our food choices affect the climate. There’s no way around it: Meat production is extremely energy intensive and resource heavy. Indeed, animal agriculture is one of the very top drivers of climate change worldwide. If you add up all the greenhouse gas emissions from all the world’s livestock production annually, it’s equal to the global greenhouse gas emissions of all the world’s cars, buses, ships, planes, trucks, and trains combined. Yes, animals are as big a climate problem as the world’s combined pollution from transportation.

The good news is it’s easy to reduce or eliminate the consumption of meat in your diet. And a diet based more on plant-based food is better for your health and the planet’s health at the same time. Indeed, a blue ribbon report from a major federal agency just confirmed as much, recommending American’s eat less meat.

So CCAN has created this page to provide you with a few links to help you become more informed about food and global warming. You can start with this essay by CCAN director and vegetarian Mike Tidwell. We’ve also got links to other useful stories and fact sheets.

The global stakes are so high. We hope you’ll join the millions of Americans who are changing their diets along with changing their light bulbs. It really is one of the biggest personal changes you can make in your life in the fight to save our climate.

Additional Resources:

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    1. Use this guide to learn more about how you can incorporate a climate-friendly diet into your lifestyle! There’s even a few delicious recipes included.
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    1. Learn more about how the nation’s top nutritional panel is recommending that Americans be kinder to the environment by eating less meat.
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    1. Want to know where the US stands on the global scale with livestock emissions? This article explains that much and more! Not only will you be shocked at livestock emission projections for the future, but you’ll also learn more about why dietary policy responses to climate change are so difficult to implement and make a reality.
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