If you ride the metro or have seen a bus in DC lately, you can’t escape Chevron’s “Will You Join Us” ad campaign. It’s precisely those of us who make smart transportation choices who have been bombarded by these greenwashing treats from Chevron, as if somehow we’re going think, man, if only I can support such a progressive and eco-friendly company! Oh, did I just forget that they spend millions of dollars to stop action on climate in congress? Oopsies!Here’s what they’re suggesting we do: “I will leave the car at home more.””I will take my golf clubs out of the trunk.””I will replace 3 light bulbs with CFLs.””I will finally get a programmable thermostat.””I will consider buying a hybrid.”The truth is, personal action isn’t going to solve the climate crisis. Remember Mike’s article from earlier this year? Chevron’s ad campaign is just another way that big oil is trying to make us complacent so that we don’t get real, legislative action on climate change. Big points go out to LCV for taking this on.

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