It was 10 years ago, in 2002, that CCAN began when Mike Tidwell decided to change his life. Moved by his growing appreciation for the seriousness of the climate crisis, he stopped being a book author and journalist and, instead, began devoting his time, energy, passion and skills to the cause of slowing and stopping global warming.

On September 29th, during a wonderful CCAN picnic on a wonderful fall day in Rock Creek Park, Mike talked to the 100 or so people present about the changes we have helped to bring about over those 10 years, among them:

  • The much more widespread understanding about the importance of sustainability;
  • A CCAN organization of many tens of thousands of members and 15 full-time staff working in two states and D.C.;
  • Wind and solar taking root in our region, in the country and the world;
  • An international climate movement that has mobilized in a coordinated way for years; and
  • Being on the verge of helping to birth an entirely new offshore wind industry in the mid-Atlantic region.

Neither Mike nor anyone at the picnic had any illusions about our need to do much, much more, but it was encouraging that so many of us took the time to come together on this special day. We ate veggie burgers and tofu hot dogs off the grill, as well as delicious and nourishing food provided by Green Plate Catering. We consumed a big Happy 10th Birthday cake. We enjoyed the music of Emma’s Revolution, Anastasia Shestakova and Ira Gitlin. People threw frisbees and footballs and played the corn hole beanbag game. Bongo the Clown interacted with the very young and the young at heart. And people definitely had a good time socializing with one another.

Many thanks to all who came and who helped to make this a very special day for CCAN!

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